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Kamala Sulochana

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Published on  |  Last Updated on January 25, 2024

Raagam : Ananda Bhairavi

Thalam :Aadhi Thalam

Arohanam : S G1 R2 G1 M1 P D2 P Ṡ

Avarohanam : Ṡ N1 D2 P M1 G1 R2 S

1 N D N , N
  Ka ma la su - cha na
  Ġ N N D P M
  vi ma la tha - gi ni
  P P P D N D P M
  ma - la - mi ni
  M P M P G R S ,
  ka ri ha ra ma - dhyē -
  S , , S G G M
  bim - - - - na na
  G M P M G R S ,
  vi du man - da la -
  P , M G M , G R
  chan - da na kum - ku ma
  G , R N S , S ,
  sam - li thā - - -
  P P M G M M G R
  Pa ri ma la ka - sthū ri
  G G R N S , S ,
  Thi la ka tha - -
  S G R G M G M ,
  - - ji s'ai - -
  P N D N P D N
  Ka cha ku cha gha na ja ga
  Ġ N N D P M
  nam - - - - - ja
  P P P D N D P M
  Ma ra - la - mi ni
  M P M P G R S ,
  Ka ri ha ra ma - dhyē -
  S , N , S G G M
  Bim - - - - na na
  G M P M G R S ,
  vi du man - da la -

Kamala Sulochana Geetham Lyrics

kamala sulochana vimala lata tagini
marala gamini kari hara madhye
bimbanana vidu mandalarē
chandana kunkuma sankalita
parimala kasturi tilakatare re
jāji saiya kacha kucha ghana jaga-
nāmbhoja marala gamini
karihara madhye bimbanana
vidu maṇḍalare

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