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Keyboard/Piano Grade Exams

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Rockschool Grade Exam

Rockschool grade exams are designed for contemporary musicians. The exams are designed for all age groups starting at an Initial grade and going up to advanced diploma courses. For a practising musician, the exams are designed for a multi year curriculum with skills and techniques going up at every grade level.

Rockschool has been producing music material for 30+ years to help musicians assess their progress. Rockschool is one of the widely recognised global brands for their certifications in musical instruments. They cover Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Singing, Ukulele, Drums, Violin, Bass Guitar, Music Production & Music Theory.

So, whether you are taking the first steps to learn or you are looking to improve your technical skills and proficiency in any musical instrument, Rockschool, London is a great choice for you. Explore Rockschool, London.

Grade Exam Duration

Grade Level Duration
Debut 14 minutes
Grade 1 17 minutes
Grade 2 17 minutes
Grade 3 20 minutes
Grade 4 24 minutes
Grade 5 24 minutes
Grade 6 27 minutes
Grade 7 27 minutes
Grade 8 30 minutes
Exam Duration

Grade Exam Structure

Performance Piece 1

Maximum marks


Performance Piece 2


Performance Piece 3


Technical Exercises




Grade Exam Results & Certifications

The Grade exam results will be marked by one of the examiners from Rockschool,, London. They will watch the video and supporting documents and you can expect the result to be declared in 3-4 weeks (in case if reviews are there, it may take up to 8 weeks). The examiner will give feedback both in video (as shown below) and as a document. Sample document copy of the exam result of one of our students is attached for your reference.

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Generally it takes 3-4 months for us to receive the original certificate. For students in India, the certificate will come to us and we will dispatch to your respective locations. For all international locations, the certificate will be dispatched directly from Rockschool to the respective student’s residence.