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Sweety Goyal Gupta


Multi Instrumental Player | Music Teacher


Grade 8, Guitar, Vocals & Music Theory,

Trinity College, London

MSc, Microbiology


9 years of teaching music both online and offline


Plays multiple instruments like Guitar, Piano and Keyboard with immense love for music including listening, singing, dancing and playing.

Music teacher for 9+ years teaching all age groups with herself learning from them all along, pursuing trinity grade 8 in Classic guitar, Theory of Music, and Rock n pop vocals.

She has prepared 200+ students for musical grade examinations.She strongly believes that each individual is unique and offers something exceptional, its only takes the right time and the correct person to help figure that out.

Firmly believes in learning theory is as important as playing instrument for overall musical growth of student.


Teaching is one thing but becoming an inseparable part of someone’s life is what matters – through music you can do both together.

― Sweety Goyal

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