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Terms & Conditions

For Students & Tutors

Please find below the details of the terms under which HappyMusic Technologies offers its students access to its online website and platform connecting students and teachers for online lessons. These Terms of Use are a legally binding agreement between you and HappyMusic Technologies (website: governing your interactions with and use of the Platform.

In case you agree or understand the terms of use, please do not use the Platform. Happymusic is under no obligation to enforce the Agreement on your behalf against another user. If you are under 18 years of age or less than the age of majority or minor in your jurisdiction , then please read the terms of use and privacy policy with your parent or legal guardian. By accessing the website you represent that you or your parent/ legal guardian on your behalf if you are minor and have read,understood and agree to the terms in their entirety including privacy policy. In case you don't agree please do not access or use the website. All persons using the Platform at any time expressly agree not to use any aspect of the Platform for any purpose other than its intended Purpose as a Platform for (a) the purchase and/or sale of Sessions/ lessons and/or (b) conducting Sessions. If you use the Platform for any other purpose, you violate this Agreement. Any violation of this Agreement may be punished by, without limitation, refusal of access to the Platform. You agree that you WILL use the platform at your SOLE RISK. HappyMusic Technologies reserves the right to discontinue any aspect of the platform without any prior notice to any of its users at any time. This agreement can be terminated by us at any time for any reason. However any agreement with HappyMusic / musicmaster WILL survive termination of the agreement.


All students & tutors must REGISTER and account and should provide certain information in order to use the platform and other features associated with it. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account’s password. You are solely responsible for all the activities that occur in your account. In case of any unauthorised use you agree to notify us immediately. You must provide complete and accurate information about yourself when you create or/ and edit the account. You may not impersonate someone else, use another person’s contact number or email id.


By creating an account, the user agrees to receive communication in connection with the platform’s promotion, usage and other relevant items. You will be receiving messages from HappyMusic or your tutors/students regarding bookings and other relevant communication. You also acknowledge HappyMusic/ musicmaster has access and may review any message sent through the Platform's internal messaging service for any reason or no reason, and we may use the information in such messages for any reason or no reason. You may receive marketing communications from HappyMusic /musicmaster, and you can opt-out of such communications.

Platform, Content, Materials

Proprietary Rights. HappyMusic / musicmaster, and its licensors, own and retain all proprietary rights in the Platform. The Platform contains content, interactive features in the video platform, information, blogs, graphics, design, compilation, computer codes,visual interfaces, products, software, services and other related items.They are protected by copyright, trade dress, patent, and trademark laws, international conventions, and other relevant intellectual property and proprietary rights, and applicable laws. Except for that information which is in the public domain or for which you have been given express written permission, you may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute license, perform, display, or sell anything that is available in our website. You shall not acquire any right, title or interest to the Platform or Dhunguru Materials, except for the limited rights during the usage/ service of the platform.

Video Platform Usage

Use of the Platform requires you to have a computer and webcam. We cannot guarantee that the Platform will function at any given time using any particular hardware or connection. Connectivity greater than or equal to 500 kbps (upload and download speed) is required to use the Platform. We currently support only Google chrome browser (Version 10 onwards). For users thru’ zoom we are not under any obligation to guarantee any of the above. In case the tutor is not able to provide a Session due to a Student’s (i) inadequate hardware or bandwidth or (ii) inappropriate conduct, HappyMusic generally will not provide a Refund to Student. And if a Student feels that a Teacher’s conduct renders the Session impossible, the Student should inform musicmaster through written communication to . All such situations, and any discussions concerning Refunds stemming therefrom, will be handled on a case-by-case basis and please refer to our REFUND POLICY on the same.

Discussion between student & tutor

All discussions between student & tutor are expected to be through a whatsapp group created by Happymusic / musicmaster for the specific purpose or through’ the platform’ chat tool. Tutors cannot have any private discussion in any form outside the whatsapp group or our video platform. We reserve the right to take action against tutors if discussions are found outside without our knowledge. Even if it happens the same has to be informed to be musicmaster immediately.