Tutors take live music lessons through our custom built Video platform. which provides several unique advantages for music classes.
No we don’t need zoom or Skype account. We may use it only if you opt for it.
No you don’t have to download anything. Everything runs on our website.
You will need a computer or mobile device with a microphone, camera and stable internet connection.


Absolutely yes, subject to tutor availability. You can block classes basis your comfort through our Scheduling platform.
You can browse the tutors from our catalogue & request a demo subject to availability. However some tutors are in great demand or maybe fully booked. In that case we may recommend an alternate tutor.
Yes, with at least 24 hours prior notice to tutors through our Scheduling platform.Rescheduled classes to be booked through our platform.
The missed class will be counted and deduced from you class count. However if you cancel 24 hour prior to the class the same will not be counted and the class can be rescheduled basis tutor’s comfortable time. In case of technical issues the class will be rescheduled basis both student & tutor comfort.
Once you logged-in on musicmaster website, you can check yours / child's classes on the logged-in homepage and you can also check your all the classes on view classes page under class booking.
you can cancel your classes on schedule page.
Each class is designed for 45 minutes and 60 minutes.


All technology requirements can be found here: https://musicmaster.in/techreqs
If you’re experiencing performance issues with musicmaster video platform, try the following steps:
  • Make sure you only have one video platform(musicmaster) tab open at a time. Close any open browser tabs, windows, or apps that aren’t currently being used.
  • Turn off any Chrome extensions.
Video calls use a lot more bandwidth. so if you are having issues with the quality of your video calls, we recommend
  • Closing other applications that use the internet, especially those playing music or video.
  • Cancelling any file transfers in progress.


We accept payments through Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer and UPI. Our payment gateway partner uses encryption technology to keep your transaction secure and confidential.
Currently we do not accept payment in installments. The entire class amount has to be paid upfront.