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Sejuti B


Singer | Western Vocal Teacher


Rock & pop, Blues, Soul and RnB


Grade 4, Vocal Arts, Rock School, London

Bachelor in Business Administration, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi.


Singer-songwriter, composer, recording artist and vocalist for 14+ years.

Lead music educational content teams on voice pedagogy & curriculum formulation.

Music content creator – blogs, educational and training video conceptualization

Every single student under her guidance has cleared their examination with merit or distinction from Rock School, London.


Exposed to music from an early age her love and appreciation for music have been growing ever since. She has taken her love for music one step further and is a performing, recording artist, and music educator.

Performing since 2008, her vocal skills and knowledge of music encompass a wide variety of genres from ballads, R&B, and hip-hop to name a few and it also extends to different forms of music such as English, Bengali, and Hindi. Also, being a recording artist she has collaborated with various musicians and has also recorded under renowned institutions like “The Parikrama School of Music.”

With powerful vocals and a great command of numerous vocal techniques. She was able to achieve the position of India Topper at her Grade 2 examination from Rock School, London in 2014. Followed by an impressive result with a distinction in the Grade 4 examination from Rock School, London. Ever since she has been growing her repertoire of music through various performances and has put those experiences and knowledge into being a music educator.

Her versatility as an artist can be seen through the various performance she has done over the years. From performing a self-composed song at a summer house café to performing at international festivals such as “Balsangam” organized by the National School of Drama, India to name a few.

Apart from performing and teaching music. She also has a Youtube channel where she uploads song covers.

Currently, she is a western vocal teacher and creative content writer. Given her educational background and excellent leadership skills, she also fosters young up-and-coming singers and content writers here at MusicMasters.

Music saved me when I was at my lowest, I want people to embrace music like I did and let it heal souls, mind and body.

― Sejuti B

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