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What is a Tanpura?

A Tanpura is an traditional Indian instrument used by singers of hindustani style music as vocal accompaniment. A tanpura is long necked instrument generally with 4 strings tuned to a particular frequency. In a nutshell, a tanpura helps the singer to maintain the pitch during performance and practise sessions. This instrument is part of any classical performance of Indian music both for beginners and experts.

Online Tanpura

Today with advance in technology we are able to generate the notes produced by a Tanpura electronically. The online Tanpura above is capable to generate all the 12 notes in an octave.

Advantages of Online Tanpura

Sometimes the Tanpura may go out of tune during extended usage or ageing of strings, the online Tanpura can product pitch perfect notes with no such issues.

online tanpura

Usage of Tanpura

Before the advent of electronics in musical instruments, the Tanpura will be tuned to the pitch of the singer, but now with standardisation of pitch across all instruments, the Tanpura is tuned the standard pitch, so that the notes in all instruments are same.

The equivalent of Tanpura in Carnatic music is called as Shruti box or Shruti petti (petti means box).

Tanpura Sound

A Tanpura can produce 12 different notes. The online tanpura will produce a pitch perfect drone for your practise sessions making your practise effective. The drone can produce an uninterrupted note through out practise.

Some of the hindustani tutors use two notes - the root note and fifth note, referred as Sa and Pa. The online tanpura above is designed to produce the root note. We have given below two tanpura notes, which are widely used in practise.

G Sharp Tanpura Note

G sharp tanpura note is widely used by females. This note sometimes will also be called as 5.5 Scale. G being 5, G sharp being 5.5, A being 6 so on and so forth.

C Sharp Tanpura Note

The C sharp tanpura note is widely used by males. The C note is referred to 1 scale, C sharp as 1.5, D as 2, so on and so forth.