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The Indian Classical music consists of two schools of music in India - Hindustani Music & Carnatic music. Hindustani music is associated with Northern sub-continent of India, while Carnatic music is associated with Southern India.

Hindustani music has a 'Gharana' tradition, which came into existence in the mid 18th century . Gharana means a house or school, which follow a particular style of singing that has its roots from a particular region, families of musicians or instructor, who founded under the patronage of their region's king. Agra Gharana, Gwalior Gharana and Jaipur Gharana are the oldest ones and there are many other Gharanas which produced legendary musicians. Given below are names of some of the prominent and famous Gharanas of Hindustani classical music:

  • Gwalior Gharana
  • Agra Gharana
  • Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana
  • Dilli (Delhi) Gharana
  • Kanpur Gharana
  • Kiraana Gharana
  • Patiala Gharana
  • Banaras Gharana
  • Mewati Gharana
  • Rampur-Seheswan Gharana
  • Maihar Gharana
  • Bhendi Gharana

The vocal performance is accompanied by a wide variety of hindustani musical instruments. Some of them are tanpura, harmonium, tabla, bansuri (flute), sitar, sarod, sarangi etc. Gharanas for instrumentalists were named from the first famous prominent player, who played that instrument and stamped his authority and mastery over the instrument.

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