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A lot of us – young or old, want to learn Carnatic music. Some of us join a class, but many drop out due various reasons. For young ones it is School, homework, exams etc. and for adults it is a tight worklife. Learning Carnatic music need not be this difficult.

With musicmaster, we have provided all the resources (we will be expanding the blogs & songs on a regular basis) needed to learn, be it even a few minutes or you need hours of practice. You can learn at your own pace by using these free resources and also through our live one to one Carnatic music classes from our expert Carnatic teachers. In this fast world, you can go at your own pace.

It’s our mission to help you to learn Carnatic music and stay in touch with the craft for your entire lifetime as a Carnatic musician. After all, learning never stops when you want to learn Carnatic music – It is resource rich.  Start your music journey right now with musicmaster, we promise you will enjoy music much more than what you do now. For kids, the gift of Carnatic music is definitely one of the best gifts that parents can give.

So whether you want to become a full time musician or just want to learn it as a hobby, musicmaster is a great choice to start your musical journey and stay in touch with the world of Carnatic music.


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