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Himagiri Thanaye Lyrics

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Published on  |  Last Updated on January 25, 2024

Experience the mesmerizing lyrics of “Himagiri Thanaye,” a journey, to the break of dawn in the Himalayas. These verses like whispers carried by mountain breezes transport you to awe inspiring realms. They depict the sunrise over snow capped peaks.

Paying homage to the grandeur of the Himalayas these lyrics paint landscapes that beckon you on an auditory adventure, blending melodies with your souls voyage. The “Himagiri Thanaye” Lyrics are more, than words; they are a prism through which Himalayan music comes alive. Allow these verses to serenade your senses and captivate your heart with their hymn from the Himalayas.

Himagriri thanaye lyrics was written by Harikeshanalluru Muttaiah Bhaagavataar in praise of Goddess Parvati.

Raagam: Sudda dhanyaasi

Aa: S G2 M1 P N2 P S
Av: S N2 P M1 G2 S
Taalam: aadi
Composer: Muthiah Bhaagavatar
Language: Sanskrit

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Himagiri Thanaye Lyrics in English

Himagiri thanaye hemalathe amba
Eeshwari sreeLalithe mamava

Rama Vani samsevitha sakale
Rajarajeshwari ramasahodari


Paashaankusheshu danda kare amba
Paaraathpare nijabhakta pare
Ashambare hari kesha vilase
Aanantha roope amrutha prathape

Himagiri Thanaye Lyrics in Tamil

ஹிமகிரி தனயே ஹேமலதே – அம்பா

ஹிமகிரி தனயே ஹேமலதே – அம்பா
ஈஸ்வரி ஸ்ரீ லலிதே – மாமவ

ரமா வாணி ஸம் சேவித சகலே
ராஜ ராஜேஸ்வரி ராம சஹோதரி

பஷாங்குசேஷு தண்டகரே- அம்பா
பராத்பரே நிஜ பக்த பரே
ஆசாம்பர ஹரி கேஷ விலாஸே
ஆனந்த ரூபே அமித ப்ரதாபே

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