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All our articles are written or supervised by subject matter experts, who have formal qualifications in music and /or have spent many years as practicing musicians and teaching music. All these individuals are selected for their knowledge, real world experience as practicing musicians and their deep interests in music and related fields.

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We make sure all our existing content is periodically reviewed by our subject matter experts and if there are any updates, corrections etc. the content is re-edited and carry out changes to give the most accurate and latest information. In case you find any discrepancies or factual errors please do write to us at support@musicmaster.in and we will get the facts checked immediately.

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Musicmaster aims to provide unbiased editorial content created by musicians and music teachers, who teach on musicmaster platform. We also incur costs in maintaining our website, adding content in the website and paying our teams. We use affiliate links to products on retailer sites (Amazon & local retailer websites) and we receive a small commission if you click on those links and make purchases through them.

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